Our tradition binds us to our roots and creates a sense of unity among us. The culture of Pakistan has always been rich and deeply connected to its ethnicity. People from all over the world visit Pakistan to experience its traditional food, dances, clothing, and more.

As far as footwear is concerned, the choices are countless and you can certainly find a shoe for every situation. The best thing about ethnic footwear is that it can be worn in all seasons and to every kind of occasion. For instance, a classic khussa is one example of versatile ethnic footwear that can be worn in all seasons; be it winter, summer, spring, or autumn. Especially with the Summer setting in, your wardrobe is incomplete without an elegant pair of ethnic shoes. Not sure which ethnic shoes to try out this season? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

5 Latest Ethnic Trends For 2022

Let’s have a look at some of the ethnic footwear trends that you must try out this season.



Kohaty chappals have been a popular shoe trend among men for many years, and recently this shoe trend has also made its way to women’s fashion. Kohaty chappals originate from Kohat and are similar to Peshawari chappals. These feature a narrow to open front design with tilla work or embroidery on the upper. You can embrace the beauty of bright colors, embroidered designs, and unique cuts this summer season with these chappals and be the center of attention. Kohaty chappals are specially designed with cultural elements so that a person can experience the traditional touch in footwear. If you are a kohaty’s lover, you can find a wide abundance of fashionable kohaty sandals at Stylo.

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Khussa shoes are one of the most popular ethnic footwear options among Pakistani women. Their lightweight and versatile design makes them ideal for both; formal and casual wear. Khussa shoes are available in hundreds of different designs and styles. From embroidered khussas to ethnic khussas, you can definitely find a stylish pair of khussa shoes that fit your needs. Other than that, khussa is also a popular footwear option for weddings, with wedding khussas featuring intricate embellishments and stonework that would look absolutely fabulous on both the bride and the bridesmaids.

 ladies khussa


Peshawari chappals are another major traditional footwear trend that started with men but transitioned to women’s footwear fashion as well. The shoe style originates from Peshawar and looks best paired with eastern wear. These chappals stand out from the rest of ethnic shoes due to the sophistication they provide. Peshawari chappals are also very comfortable to wear and hard-wearing. These can be worn with both casual and formal eastern outfits and are going to be a major fashion staple this summer season.



Kolhapuri is another sought after option among ethnic shoes. Kolhapuri chappals feature a toe ring style on the front connected to the mid upper of the shoe. Thanks to their versatility, kolhapuri can be worn on all sorts of occasions. The extended curled toe and an open look from behind make khussas super comfy for all age groups. Though these look best paired with eastern attire, a lot of women also wear these with jeans for a chic look. Over the past few years, minimalist Kolhapuri chappals have taken over the footwear fashion realm in Pakistan.

 kolapuri chappal

Ethnic Chappals are a must-have

With the arrival of summer, the demand for ethnic chappals increases. You can give ethnic flavors to your everyday fashion and fill your dull days with colorful, one of the kind ethnic chappals. Shoes speak volumes about a personality, and choosing a nice pair of ethnic chappals allows you to showcase your style.

The endless design options and the level of comfort offered by ethnic chappals are one of the reasons for their popularity. They go best with Eastern apparel, but you can also pair them with Western wear. For instance, an ethnic chappal with a jeans kurta or a long skirt looks nice enough to grab the attention.


The abundance of ethnic footwear at Stylo

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We offer the perfect pair of ethnic footwear for every person and occasion. Indigenous designs, fascinating colors, and unique styles of ethnic footwear are available in different sizes. The impressive variety of ethnic footwear for everyday use and special occasions lets you steal the show with the perfect style statement. So, don’t forget to check out the collection available in-stores and online and get your favorites today.