Scents can make you feel a certain way. They can trigger memories, make you feel happy, and even nostalgic at times. Undoubtedly, perfumes are a much more powerful tool than what we perceive them to be. The history of aromatherapy dates back to 6000 years when the Egyptians would crush up herbs, plants, and flowers to create fragrance oils that would help them to connect with the higher power. Today, the best perfumes are made from synthetic chemicals that are long lasting and unique. Let’s have a look at why perfume is important for everyday life.

Why Is Wearing Perfume Important For Everyday Life

Some of the many reasons why you should wear perfume daily include:

Provides confidence boost

The power of a nice scent is often underestimated. Perfumes not only help you smell good, but also boost your confidence. When you know you smell good, you enter the room confidently without worrying about body odor.  Moreover, perfumes are known to increase your sense of security since it draws the attention of others towards you. These are also some of the reasons why it is essential to wear a perfume where you don’t want to be forgotten; be it a job interview or meeting someone important.

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Elevates your mood

Have you ever felt your mood suddenly elevate as soon as you splash some perfume on yourself? This is because perfumes are proven through studies to improve your mood and make you feel energized. Moreover, different perfumes are known to reflect different moods. Hence, the fragrance you are wearing can also express your mood to others. Research shows that scents can affect concentration, memory, mood, and emotions. Hence, always try to choose the perfume according to the occasion.

Makes you look more attractive

This is a no-brainer; perfumes are actually made to make you appear more attractive. If you have ever sniffed a particular scent and looked around to see where it is coming from, you must be aware of how different scents can instantly grab our attention and ignite curiosity. Moreover, a nice perfume helps create a lasting good first impression. This is because ladies and men perfumes hold huge amounts of pheromones that can make you more attractive to people.

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Signature scents can be very powerful

Humans link scents to feelings, which is also one of the main reasons that some scents can trigger memories. For instance, if you wear a unique perfume at all times, people can start linking that scent to you specifically - the trick is to choose a unique signature perfume. The uniqueness of this scent will trigger your memories in people’s mind. Hence you can always express your individual style and make people remember you simply by wearing a nice signature perfume.

Boosts your mental health

Though perfumes are not directly linked with mental health, aromatherapy certainly is. Aromatherapy is used all over the world to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression in people. It is also known to reduce certain health issues such as blood pressure and insomnia. Using similar scents can help boost your mental health and generally put you in a good mood. For instance, lavender is used popularly for relaxing the mind and boosting mental health.

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How To Choose The Right Fragrance For Yourself?

Considering the countless scents and fragrances that different men and ladies perfumes offer, there’s no doubt that it can be confusing to pick a perfume for yourself. To choose the right perfume for yourself, keep these three things in mind:

1. Don’t test too many scents in a row

Trying to find your signature scent? The right way to do so is to not test too many perfumes at a time. Instead, stick to three options and test the scents on different areas of your skin. Let them sit on your skin for at least a day to test how the scent evolves and how long-lasting it is. This will help you in picking the right scent for yourself.

2.  Do your research

Researching different scents is the key. Research about different notes and fragrances. Fragrances fall in a wide range of scents including citrus, fruity, floral scents and more. Pick the scent you would feel comfortable to wear. The three basic notes in a perfume are top notes, heart notes, and base notes. Pay attention to the heart note since this scent can be strong and impacts the overall fragrance of the perfume.

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3. Try some samples

Before you pick a perfume for yourself, test some samples to check which scent suits your personality the most. Let the perfume sit on your skin for some time to determine how the scent develops on your skin since top notes and heart notes of a perfume tend to fade faster, leaving behind base notes that are long-lasting.


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