Remember the last time when you had gone for shopping and the salesman told you that your choice of item is no more in stock? It must had saddened you for mere seconds but you always have many more choices to opt and buy something else.

But let’s think of it differently… Imagine yourself going to a shoe store, falling for a design and deciding to buy it but the very next moment the salesman hits you with words that seemingly sound to be polite but in reality, are mean which are “Sorry mam, we don’t make shoes of your size”.

The next thought that bumps you is “When there is a shoe for every other size then why not for me? Am I this less important?

“No, you are important to us and we care for your needs as we care for everyone else’s that’s why we offer shoes in the biggest size as well. Yes, Stylo offers shoes for feet size as large as 45”, that’s what Stylo says to all these ladies who fail to find a perfect pair of shoes that fit their feet and are equally stylish and comfortable.

Stylo has always stayed a step ahead and exerted efforts to find the shoe demands of the girls out there hence it knows hundreds of girls are left deprived of a beautiful pair of shoes because of the unavailability of their size. That's why Stylo proved itself to be the first and only Pakistani shoe brand to make shoes for feet of 45 size so that no one feels less important or left out. These plus-size shoes have equally beautiful designs and are available in various styles be it heels, chappals, sandals, boots etc. so to complement your looks flawlessly.

Stylo believes that every creation of God is perfectly made in its shape, color, and size and that no one should question oneself in this regard to be accepted by the world. But to make someone own oneself, the role of society is also important to make one feel inclusive. Thus, to promote a sense of inclusivity amidst our plus feet-sized girls & to consider them a part of Stylo girls' clan, Stylo crafts shoes for them as well so that they can walk confidently, comfortably, and in colors like all other girls and cherish each step they take.


Stylo doesn't want any girl to be downcast for being different and to have fewer choices than the rest to opt from in terms of fashion, hence when others fail to fulfill plus feet-size shoe needs of girls, Stylo feel proud to be the only one to make every girl stand tall in its chic, comfortable & colorful shoes!