Chappals, sandals, slides, there are many names for the much loved flat shoes that are a summer wardrobe staple for every woman out there. Since these are so comfortable, stylish, and durable, what’s there to not love about ladies chappals? Also, these never go out of fashion!

However, a lot of people are not familiar with how to style chappals in a way that doesn’t seem careless. Guess what? You can both look fashionable and stay comfortable by styling chappals the right way, and that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today. Keep reading to find out how.


How to Style Chappals During the Day

Thanks to the versatility of chappals, these can be worn throughout the day and with different outfits. However, despite that, chappals are commonly considered to be a daytime footwear that works with a lot of cute eastern and western dresses. Let’s have a look at how you should style chappals with your attire during daytime.


Go for Color

To flaunt your outfit during daytime, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your footwear, especially if you’ll be wearing chappals with plain shalwar kameez. As for dresses that have a little too much going on, you can always opt for neutral colored chappals in black, white, or beige colors.

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Patterns Are Fun

Daytime offers the best opportunity for you to play with different patterns. Again, if your dress has a lot of colors and patterns going on, then it’s best to go with neutral colored casual chappals. However, if you feel that your dress is plain and looks boring, you can instantly elevate your whole look by pairing it with a funky floral pair of chappals.


An Outfit That Screams Summer

Almost every girl owns a summery dress that helps her bring out her inner fashionista in the summer season. For a chic summer look, you can pair your summer dress with a cute floral pair of chappals, sunglasses, and sunglasses. If you wish to bring attention to your footwear, you can go for chappals that feature an embellished design such as stones or chunky chain detailing.


How to Style Chappals at Night

Styling chappals with night outfits is a little tougher than styling them with daytime outfits. Though these can be paired with shalwar kameez, pairing them with western wear can get quite tricky especially if you are going for an elegant look. Don’t worry! We’ve got some useful tips for you that will help you style your chappals with night time outfits.


Detail is Good

One great way to transition from daytime casual chappal style to nighttime stylish chappals is to pick chappals that come with detailing. For instance, chappals with rhinestone detailing or chain embellishments add a sophisticated touch to the look without looking flashy. Other than that, you can also opt for chappals with a shiny color such as copper or silver.

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Add Some Sparkle

The easiest way to get away with wearing chappals with a nighttime outfit is to opt for ladies fancy chappals with a bit of sparkle. Chappals with sparking straps pair effortlessly with monochrome outfits or a simple black dress. There’s a huge variety of sparkly chappal designs out there - from monochrome glitz and golden glamor to classic silver ones.


Something Delicate

To make sure you don’t go wrong with wearing chappals during nighttime, look for the ones that come in a delicate design. These can be anything from delicate bling t-strap chappals to the ones that feature delicate diamante embellished toe-ring style chappals.

 chappals for women

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