Changing seasons is what makes fashion much more challenging and daring. Whether it's winter, summer or monsoon, no one can beat you if you know how to level up your style game. With the monsoon being at our doorstep, it's time to redo your wardrobe and be the fashionista of rainy days. Stylo can effortlessly take your monsoon-style game to the next level with its versatile bags, pret and ladies shoes collections. It is versatile, trendy and perfect for our young trendsetters.     

Here are some handy fashion tips from Stylo so you can look chic even in the rain! These will also be a great plus if you are new at styling. 

Take Your Monsoon Style Game to the Next Level with Stylo

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Loose Cotton Dresses Are a Go-To

In the monsoon season, getting wet in the rain is a given, no matter how careful you are. The best way to handle it is by going for loose cotton dresses. Cotton is a highly comfortable fabric that is also easy to style, making it perfect for the monsoon. On the other hand, avoid linen and tight dresses as they can be highly uncomfortable in the rain and might cause rashes. 

Check out Stylo's women's apparel collection, as they have a wide variety of loose cotton dresses/suits perfect for rainy days. 

ladies pret

Get into Ocean Color Palette

Every season has its own unique color palette that takes over the surroundings. The only way to blend while standing out is to get into the colors of nature. Monsoon is all about ocean color palettes like blue and sea green. These bright colors are soothing yet eye-catching, especially if you choose different design patterns of floral prints, paisley etc.

Stylo's new collection features monsoon hues and chic designs. Go to the nearest outlet or visit our website and get into the ocean color palette. 

Hype Up Your Style with Casual Footwear

Many think wearing closed shoes in monsoons will save their feet from water and dirt. But it can lead to many complications and might even cause infection if you wear humid shoes for many hours. Instead, hype up your monsoon style with casual footwear. If your feet get dirty, wash them and dry them as soon as possible. Softys and sandals are some of the best footwear choices for rainy season. For those who love wearing closed shoes, go for waterproof socks. 

Stylo got your back if you are looking for stylish and comfy casual ladies shoes for the monsoon. 

ladies softys


Complete Your Look with a Handbag

A bag is a mandatory part of every look, whether casual or festive. For monsoon, a handbag is ideal for completing your look. The handbag is spacious, stylish and carried in a manner that can protect it from the rain without ruining your style. You can also easily keep a small umbrella in a handbag to protect you from untimely rain. 

Stylo women handbag collection is versatile with many different design options. Check it out now and get a perfect handbag for the monsoon.

ladies handbag

With Stylo Take Your Monsoon Style Game to the Next Level 

When it comes to monsoon, Stylo got it all, from the gorgeous colors of the rainy season to comfortable casual footwear. If you haven't upgraded your wardrobe for the monsoon, then it's time to go shopping. Keep the weather when taking your style to the next level. Don't forget the golden rule; comfort with style is the way to go, even on rainy days!