A handbag is much more than something you merely use to carry your essentials throughout the day. It is a personal statement that speaks about your personality. Though the majority of women own tons of ladies handbags in different designs and colors, most of them make the mistake of not coordinating them with their outfits.

Believe it or not, you can instantly elevate your fashion game simply by learning how to pair your handbag with your attire. If you too are someone who has been stuck in rut with pairing the same handbag with all your outfits just because you’re not sure of what else works, then worry not! We’ve compiled this style guide for you to help you get a better idea about how your handbag should be paired with your outfit.


Does Your Handbag Have to Match Your Outfit?

The right way to create an ‘it’ look is to style your handbag and clothes in a way that they work together. Once your outfit and accessories are matched, a classic handbag that goes with your attire is what finally brings your whole look together. So, should your handbag match your outfit? Not always.

Bags and shoes that are matching exactly with your attire can ruin your look at times. The strategy is to find the right balance between your outfit and your accessories to avoid looking like a monochrome, monotone mannequin. For formal outfits, it’s always a safe option to opt for bags in neutral tones such as beige, nude pink, black, and white. Another chic way to style a white or black outfit is by pairing it up with a printed bag that has a similar palette.

On the other hand, if you are going for a more funky or casual look, you can opt for contrasting colored shoes and a handbag for example you can pair lilac-colored shoes and handbag with a peach-colored attire. It’s good to experiment with different looks or simply add a pop of color to a rather bland outfit by pairing it up with vibrant colored bags and shoes. In the end, the trick is to choose colors that complement each other rather than clash and the secret to taking any attire up a notch is to ‘improvise.’

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Know The Occasion

The occasion is another factor that you need to consider for selecting the right handbag for the day. You don’t want to end up carrying a huge shoulder bag at a wedding. Similarly, carrying a clutch purse for a long trip with your friends over the weekend is also not the best decision in terms of functionality. The size and design of the bag should be decided according to the essentials you are going to be carrying and whether the bag is functional enough for the occasion or not.

For starters, clutches and envelope bags are usually carried to formal occasions since these are compact in size and have a stylish build. Likewise, handbags are more suitable for office or a casual day out with your friends since these allow you to carry multiple essentials securely. Whereas, backpacks for women are a great option if you are going out for the whole day or carrying your laptop to work.

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Keep in mind the look you plan to create

Are you going for a casual look or a formal one? Do you plan to look funky or sophisticated? These are some of the questions that one should ask themselves before choosing a handbag for yourself. For formal attire, your best option is to opt for a nude-colored handbag in a minimalist design. Too much bling or detailing on a handbag paired with formal attire can look out of proportion; sometimes less is more. Whereas, for a casual or semi-formal look, you can go with a colorful bag or printed handbag. Other than that, leather handbags, regardless of their style, are also very versatile and can be paired with almost any sort of attire.

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Carry Your Style With Stylo

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