Kids' feet, especially those of toddlers and pre-teens, are very delicate, and it’s crucial that they’re looked after right from the beginning. One easy way to ensure you are taking proper care of your kid’s feet is to choose the right shoes for them. When it comes to buying shoes for kids, there are several factors you need to look into. For instance, does the shoe fit right? Is it appropriate for the season? What style would look best on your kid? And more!

If it’s your first time buying shoes for your little one as he/she grows and you require a little assistance, we'd be glad to help! Check out how to pick the right shoes for your kids.


1. Getting the feet measured is important

It’s best to get your child’s feet measured in a shoe store rather than doing it yourself at home. This is because shoe stores are usually equipped with the right equipment to find the exact width and length for your little one’s feet.

Additional tip: Have your kid stand up and walk around in the shoe when trying it for the first time, This helps elongate the foot, allowing for a more accurate measure. 


2. Don’t buy too big

One of the major mistakes that most parents make is buying a shoe size that is one or two sizes too large for their kids. Picking a shoe size that is too big is not only dangerous for pre-teens, but also toddlers who are learning to walk and are usually wobbly on their feet. Walking in a shoe size that is too big for the kids will cause them to walk in an dysfunctional and unnatural way, often causing them to trip and fall. Hence, you must always pick the shoe that fits them perfectly.

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3. The material and fastening option matters

For toddlers and kids aged 4-7, it’s best to look for shoes that come with both riptape and buckle fastening, since these allow for accurate adjustment, ensuring that the shoe fits perfectly.  Slip on styles and shoes with heels should be avoided for toddlers and pre-teens at all costs.

Ideally, the upper part of the kid’s shoes should be made from a soft and breathable material such as mesh or canvas. This not only provides room from ventilation, but also saves the feet from excessive sweating which can be very comfortable.


4. Function beats style — go for support

Children are very energetic and love to move around. Therefore, it is better to choose highly comfortable shoes for your little one - such as closed-toe athletic shoes with arch support. Other than that, shoes with rubber soles are also a suitable option for kids since these offer better slip resistance, reducing the risk of accidentally falling and tripping.

Keep in mind that shoes with soft soles offer very poor control of foot motion and little support, whereas shoes with hard soles offer better support.

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5. If the shoe doesn’t fit, replace it

Kids grow fast and their shoe size changes quite quickly as well, which is why you might have to replace your little one’s shoes every three to four months. The kids shoes shouldn’t be too tight to restrict movement, which can cause several health issues later on. Take time to measure shoes and make sure they fit properly. Also, make sure to choose girl and boy shoes that offer a good amount of support and comfort.


How to Choose the Right Fit for kids shoes?

First and foremost, the fit of the shoe is what matters the most when it comes to choosing the right shoes for your little one. Shoes that don’t fit perfectly can cause several issues such as ingrown toenails, calluses, blisters, hammertoes, etc. Let’s have a look at how you can get the right fit.

  • Check the shoe size from the inside, to do this, remove the sole insert that the shoe comes with and try it on your kid’s feet. Ideally, there should be enough space in the shoe for your kids to wiggle his toes comfortably, without the shoe being loose. In case the insert can’t be removed, press on the shoe’s front to examine whether there is enough room for your kid’s toes when worn.
  • Examine the depth of the shoe to make sure that the top of the shoe does not pinch the toenails or toes.
  • If comfort is your top priority while choosing shoes for your little one, then it’s best to look for shoes with a round toe front since they provide enough space for your kid to move his toes freely.

Keep in mind that shoes should be easy to wear from the beginning. If new shoes need to be worn a few times to fit, then they were either a bad fit or not designed properly.

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