When it comes to bridal outfits, the clutch bag is the main accessory that brings the entire outfit together, which is why it must be given just as much importance as the rest of the ensemble. Not only does the clutch purse hold all the makeup and other essentials that the bride might need to touch-up her makeup through the day but is also conveniently compact enough to be managed with the heavy attire.

If your wedding is around the corner, and you are still not sure what type of bridal clutch you should carry on your big day then read down below to find out how to choose the right bridal clutch according to your wedding attire.


Tips to Help You Pick The Right Bridal Clutch

1.   Don’t Shy Away from The Bling

Since your wedding day is the day you can shine as bright as you want without possibly going wrong, it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of bling to your dress with an embellished clutch purse. Not only will this add a sparkle to your overall outfit but is bound to complement your attire. Bridal clutches are available in a variety of embellished designs and colors; hence you have a lot of options to choose from.


2.   Go Gold and Silver

Don’t feel like matching a red clutch with your red bridal dress? Not sure which clutch color would look best with your pink bridal dress? No matter what your struggle is - you can always opt for a gold and silver bridal clutch purse for your big day. It can either be completely silver, entirely golden, or a mix of both colors. The thing is, it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a silver and golden clutch due to the versatility of these colors. Hence, to be on the safe side, you can always count on silver and golden clutches.

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3.   Pay Attention to The Size

The size of the purse you carry on your wedding day matters - even if it’s a clutch purse. While looking for a bridal clutch for yourself, don’t forget the main purpose of it. It should only be big enough to hold some of your essentials. Clutches that are too big in size can be a hassle to manage, especially with your bridal gown, which is why you must opt for a compact clutch that is easy to carry throughout the day.


4.   Break the Monotony of The Outfits

If you are someone who wants to sway away from the ordinary, then you can always break the monotony and pair your bridal dress with a brightly colored clutch. If your bridal gown features a light base with golden or silver embellishments, then a pink or plum colored bridal clutch would help elevate your bridal outfit instantly. Brightly colored clutches also work great at adding a pop of vibrance to any dull outfit. Hence, if you feel that your wedding dress is missing a splash of color, you can make up for it by pairing it with a brightly colored clutch.

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5.   Something That Can Help Carry Your Essentials

Ideally, your clutch bag for a wedding should be compact in size. However, it should still be spacious enough to hold a few essentials of yours, such as your makeup basics, tissues, and space to carry some cash. You are probably going to need these essentials throughout the day and there’s nothing better than keeping them at hand. The last thing you would want is to go around looking for lip balm on your big day.


6.   Prioritize Comfort

Considering how frenzy wedding events can be, it can be a struggle to manage your bridal clutch and heels whilst carrying your bridal gown elegant at the same time. Hence, comfort is something that should not be missing from your priority list on the wedding day. Though it is essential to stay and look stylish, think smart by trying to balance style with comfort. If your dress is heavily embellished, look for a minimalist clutch to ensure that you can simultaneously manage your dress, shoes, and clutch.

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Make Your Big Day Special with Stylo Bridal Clutches

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