Fashion is Art! Every season, Fashion takes onto a new revolution and marks latest trends and forecasts for followers. Do you think it is hard to style a winter look or a summer attire? We all must realise that every detail matters while styling. Be it chunky accessories, trendy handbags or traditional footwear- every item has its own significance in the wardrobe. We must start with shoes…Yes, SHOES! Haven’t you heard Coco Chanel?”A woman with good pair of shoes is never ugly”. Too many women think that they are minor. Well, let us pop this bubble and inform you- You are wrong! Shoes make an outfit! You just have to pick the right one!
It’s a no secret that women loves shoes! Haven’t ever heard a single woman say out loud that she has enough pair of shoes. So start visualising your Eid outfit with coordinated accessories and traditional footwear as Stylo is ready to launch their latest Eid Collection. So if you can’t find a matching footwear with your Eid kurta, do not stress out because Stylo has solved your problems-Fashionably! Mark your calendars and get ready to get perplexed in a wide range of festive footwear collection.
Shoes are nearly as important as your attire! While most of the people overlook their footwear, some pay more than required attention. Other even choose their outfit after Shoe Shopping! Colours, design, and style- everything matters when it comes to festivity! The largest women footwear brand has come up with yet another handmade series of footwear with vibrant colours and comfortable soles to flaunt on the busy days. Stylo is promising you to get astonished while choosing a matching pair of shoes for the upcoming festivity.
As Eid approaches, traditional footwear becomes the talk of the town. Many women find high heels a little too difficult to carry and step outside the house along with humid weather and heavy attire. So, we have our favorite Eid footwear onboard- KHUSSAAAAAY!

Khussaas are a South Asian Craft alternatively known as mojari or jutti, produced in Punjab, Pakistan. Textile embroidered, embellished with pearls and tilla, the craft is made with vegetable-tanned leather along with a wide range of fabrics like silk, velvet, jamawaar and cotton etc. They are completely handmade which includes techniques such as cutting, embroidery and stitching. Eye-catching designs are embellished with pearls, beads, gotta, sequins etc. The ethnicity of rich craftsmanship is the labour of our skilled artisans and footwear design team as Stylo is not ready to compromise on the quality and latest trends in Fashion.

Luxe Quality and reasonable shopping comes in hand in hand with Stylo as the brand has incorporated the best quality material, exquisite tilla embroideries, and latest design trends and not to forget-lively colours in an affordable price range. The chic and sophisticated flats can be worn on a daily basis with basic kurta shalwars to add that extra oomph to your classic summer look. Many women prefer them wearing to College due to their comfortable and soft nature. So don’t be troubled by thinking of countless ways you can style them, they are a long term investment!
How to choose the best one for your day? We have a vast variety in terms of fabric, colour, textile technique, patterns and embellishment. Choose according to your needs and sizes. These traditional Designer khussay are your Up Game this Eid and are bound to complement your outfit. We have a diverse range of Fashion products in our store with latest Eid Collection so you might be able to get your hands on some trendy and classic accessories as well.