Denim jeans are a fashion staple that never go out of style. No matter where you live, you can most likely find a wide variety of jeans at your local market. Though this timeless piece of fabric has evolved over the years, it still continues to rule the world of fashion.  Today, there are hundreds of different types and styles of denim jeans.

With the winter season coming up, everyone is curious to know what jeans styles are ‘in’ this season. If you too are someone who likes to keep up with the trends and update their wardrobe promptly, this article will provide you with all the information you need about what’s in and what’s out.

The history of denim

First produced in Nîmes, France, the word ‘denim’ itself is derived from a fabric that was first manufactured in the French town of ‘Serge de Nimes’. Though the fabric came into being in the late 1870s, it didn’t become popular until the second world war. The idea of denim as a fashion statement actually started getting more attention when the eastern state’s residents started to travel to West America for vacations.

Despite the fact that the original production of denim started in France, the country is no longer involved in producing the fabric anymore. Today, China is the biggest manufacturer of denim wear including denim jeans, with Vietnam, Pakistan, Cambodia, and India also emerging as denim hubs.

Trends that are 'Out':

Skinny Jeans

The most beloved and popular ‘skinny jeans’ are going out of style this season. Though skinny jeans have undoubtedly served us well over the past decade, they are losing their iconity over our wardrobes this year.

According to a survey conducted on Warwick students, more than 60% of the students surveyed voted against wearing skinny jeans. With new styles such as mom jeans and baggy jeans coming into fashion, people are more inclined towards stepping out of their comfort zones and trying these out, rather than sticking to the old style.

Skinny Jeans

Super Low Waist Jeans

Though super-low waist jeans are not everybody’s cup of tea, there are still many people who loved this denim pants style while it lasted. Sadly, this is another fashion staple that we are going to be waving goodbye to this year. However, if you are a super low waist jeans style lover, there’s nothing to worry about since low rise jeans are still in size, which are very similar to super low waist jeans. Infact, these both can be regarded as sisters!

Also, you might be surprised to know that the reason super low waist jeans are a ‘no’ is because this jeans style comes with health hazards. Yes! That’s right! Super low rise jeans can cause a pinch in the hip’s nerve, which can lead to permanent numbness in the thigh. Ouch!

 Super low waste jeans

Whiskered Jeans

Whiskered jeans have received a lot of criticism over the years - where some refer to them as a destroyed pair of ladies jean pants, some argue that this is how jeans are supposed to look. Whiskered jeans refer to the jeans that have wrinkled lines at the upper thigh. Though this style gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, it’s now time to say goodbye to it since these are becoming obsolete.

Whiskered jeans

Fashion that is 'Still In':

Now, let's talk about the exciting part - which denim jeans styles are ‘in'.

Mom Jeans

This definitely wouldn’t come as a surprise. Mom jeans are one of the most trending and popular jeans styles this year. Afterall, these are so comfortable to pair and easy to wear. Unlike regular jeans, mom jeans are high-waisted and come in a loose fit, which makes it easy to pair them with sweaters and baggy winter shirts. Considering how much this style is loved by people, this style won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon.

 Mom jeans

Boyfriend Jeans

Much like mom jeans, boyfriend jeans too have started gaining popularity again since last year. Boyfriend jeans mimic men’s jeans, with cuffed hems, low rise, and a loose fit. Even though boyfriend jeans are a nice fit for every season, these particularly look great with tops with loose fit and sweaters, which is why these are a great denim pants style for the winter season.

 boyfriend jeans

Flapper Jeans

Winter is all about boots and moccasins - which is why we find it so frustrating when our jeans don’t allow us to show off our footwear. However, that’s not something that’ll be of concern this winter because flapper fit jeans are back in style! Since flapper fit jeans land above the ankle, these allow you to flaunt your footwear confidently. Just like mom jeans and boyfriend jeans, flapper jeans too look great when worn with winter wear.

 flapper jeans

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