What to wear and what not to wear is the question.

The decision of choosing just the right shoes for you is harder than you think. Many varying factors need to be taken into the account including comfort, style, season, and more. But don’t worry, the help has arrived. Here’s your fairy Godmother – Stylo, with a complete ladies shoes style guide for you.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Shoes?

A shoe pair needs to check certain boxes to make it perfectly right for your taste. Allow us to check those boxes one by one.

Shoes that Match Your Day:

Gone are the days when matching a shoe pair with the color of your outfit was considered trendy. We’re living in the age of productivity, hence the shoe you choose should also add productive value to your day. Go for a shoe pair that is comfortable enough to keep you on your toes during long working hours. The right shoes:

  • Have a strong back: That holds onto your feet and makes your steps firm and smooth.
  • Do not twist: Allowing you to move carelessly.
  • Are flexible: So that there is more room for foot movement inside the shoe.
  • Have extra arch support: That reduces the chance of foot slips.
  • Are spacious: At both the front and the back end.
Ladies moccasin shoes

Shoes that Compliment Your Look:

The right shoe is the one that looks right, simple. But it is not as simple to do. The right shoe does not only go with your look but enhances it. Again, it’s not about the color, but the style. The right pair should be the perfect match for the bottom (or bottoms) that you will be styling it with.


You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. Pick sneakers to pair with a pair of jeans and you’re ready to go.

Here are some bonus styling tips for you:

Chunky Dad Sneakers – Straight-Leg Pants

Slippers – Baggy Jeans

High Heels – High Waist Jeans

Boots – Flared Jeans


Girls just want to have f…..ormal shoes. Choose formal shoes for your pair of pants hanging in the closet and never look back. Formal shoes add more elegance to your work attire so that you can knock the workload out.

Bonus styling tips:

Loafers – Cropped Pants

Strappy Ladies Sandals

  • Skinny pants

Pumps – Sailor Pants

Ladies pumps shoes


Choosing the right shoes for a desi attire is a serious business. Let’s make sure you don’t go wrong when you are going desi.

Jutti – Pattiala Shalwar

Heels, Loafers– Trouser

Ladies Khussas, Kolahpuri– Skinny pajama

Shoes That Fit:

Size matters. The right fit makes even a casual shoe look perfect on you. On the other hand, the wrong size ruins the appearance of even the most precious and luxuriously designed shoe. Therefore, it is crucially important to choose the proper shoe size. Here’s how you can achieve that:

Shopping Online

Because of the scaling-method difference globally, it happens quite often that a buyer doesn’t know what size would be the correct one for her. In such scenarios, the best way is to compare various size scales and then choose the right size.

Interesting fact: a person’s foot size changes slightly over time. This is why before buying shoes online; you should measure your foot size so that you make the right decision.

Shopping Offline

Offline shoe shopping, although adds a little more effort to the shopping experience, gives you enough time to select just the right shoe size. Here are some steps that every buyer should follow while buying shoes offline:

  • Always ask for three sizes: Your usual size, a number bigger, and a number smaller so that if your foot size has changed slightly, you can opt for a new, more precise size.
  • Wear and walk: Take your time. Don’t rush the decision. No matter how perfect the shoe size feels, take a small stroll around the shop.

Ladies court shoes

What to look out for:

There are certain limitations to consider while searching for the right shoes. That includes your physical health condition, your foot shape, and other various factors that, if not taken seriously, can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Physical Health Hazards

Style is important, we second that, but your physical health is way more important. Therefore, physical compatibility should be kept on top of the checkbox list while searching for the right pair of shoes. Don’t go for high heels if you have orthopedic issues. There are plenty of beautiful shoes that you can enjoy without risking your physical health. You can choose the shoes with:

  • Moderate Heel Height
  • Rocker – Bottom Soles
  • With Extra Arch Support

Wrong Shape

Other than foot size, another important factor to consider while shoe shopping is the shoe shape. Every person has a different foot shape. It is important to know that a shoe that looks good on your friend will not necessarily look good on you. So, keep that in mind while purchasing a shoe pair.


Stylo Footwear Pakistan takes its customers’ individuality very seriously and manufactures versatile ranges of shoes. So, no matter what you are looking for, you can find it at Stylo. This versatility is not limited to just designs, but also the features that Stylo offers through its products. Be it comfort, shape, or size, Stylo, with its various shoe categories, has got you (and your feet) covered.