Summer calls for fragrances and more fragrances because while the heat of the season absorbs our freshness, these fragrances come for rescue to make us feel fresh again. Not only this, it goes without saying that perfumes play an important role in crafting a person’s impression on others. Imagine a person fully dressed and getting everyone’s attention with one’s impeccable style but then with a gush of breeze all style blows away because of the stinky smell that follows fading all the impression. Hence, especially in summers, perfume should become an indispensable part of one’s daily dressing-up routine so as not to only feel fresh all day but also to enliven others' moods wherever one goes.

Now the question comes “Which perfume to choose amidst so many fragrances?” So, here we are to suggest you one of the finest perfumes available in the market by none other than the people loved brand “Stylo” which is a must to grab for all ladies out there. Stylo came up with its perfume range in the recent past that are original Italian fragrances and are an amalgam of floral, oriental, woody, and fresh notes. Spotting the light on the “Bella” Eau De Parfum, it is the one for those ladies who are fond of rose fragrance. Damask Rose subtly blended with the freshness of citrus is the major constituent of this pleasant perfume with middle notes of jasmine and rosewood to enhance the aroma. The base note is made of white musk and amber thus making the most ambrosial fragrance and becoming the true definition of Bella, meaning beautiful. Bella’s Eau De Parfum when applied lasts for 8 hours and keeps you fresh as a blooming rose.

Moreover, it's not just the alluring fragrance that makes Bella buy-worthy but also its gorgeous bottle. Yes! The bottle of perfume plays an important role in becoming a reason to be picked up by women because women go for all aspects while choosing a perfume including the fragrance, the packaging as well as the price.

Coming to the price, such pleasant and original Italian fragrance, Bella, is amazingly available at an extremely reasonable and affordable price which makes it even more worthwhile!