A fragrance is much more than just a splash of perfume - it is a part of your personality. Even though perfumes have been an essential part of our beauty regimes for a long time, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that we realized how ‘flat’ the lack of fragrance left us feeling. You’d be surprised to know that the practice of using aromatherapy dates back to more than 6000 years where the Egyptians would use fragrance oils for the spiritual purposes of connecting with the higher power. Back in the day, people would crush up herbs, flowers, and plants to make fragrances. Today, the best perfumes are created from synthetic chemicals that are processed through several stages including collection, extraction, blending, aging, and quality control.

When it comes to choosing perfume for women or men, making a decision can be quite tricky. Especially considering that a perfume has the ability to influence your mood and boost up your confidence, there’s definitely a lot of thinking that goes into buying one for yourself. Recently, Stylo launched its very own perfume line that has got people going crazy.

Best Stylo fragrances for celebration in 2021

Have you been obsessing over the same signature scent for some time now? Or is it time for you to expand your fragrance horizons? Or maybe you’re looking for a captivating new fragrance as a gift for your loved one? Well, you’ve landed at the right place. You can count on Stylo to provide you with the best men’s and ladies perfumes. Check out some of our top-runner perfumes down below.



One of our personal favorites, Sassy has been designed keeping boss women in mind. A few sprays of the enticing fragrance will send your senses soaring with its musky and floral composition. The scent is made from perfectly contrasting mandarin fruity notes, grapefruit blended with rose, and lily of the valley combined with the exotic aromas of peony, mongolia, and sweet lactonic. This sweet yet spicy fragrance is the perfect fit for all special occasions.


 Sassy perfume


Exploding with the scent of fresh florals, citrus, and wood, this perfume has an unforgettable sophistication to it. Created with the combination of the most fragrant flowers in the world including lily of the value, violet, and valley rose as heart notes, with blackcurrant, grapefruit, melon and cassis as top notes - wonder is definitely a secret weapon to leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

 Wonder perfume


Wonder what summers in a bottle feel like? Just take a sniff of the fruity and luxurious scent of the Casa ladies perfume. This rich scent pairs the luscious aromas of orange, neroli, and raspberry, combined with orange flowers, jasmine, and gardenia as heart notes. The subtle hint of honey and patchouli as base notes add just about the right crisp finish to this heavenly fragrance. So, the next time you feel like making heads turn due to a captivating fragrance, you’ll know which perfume to reach for.

Casa perfume


Are you looking for a fragrance that is energizing but not too overpowering? If yes, then you might want to get your hands on Drizzle by Stylo that has been made to make you stand out. With the elegant aromas of bergamot, pineapple, and melon as top notes, combined with lavender, coconut, black pepper and sage as heart notes, this perfume is the right definition of zesty and vibrant. The best thing?  It can be used by both; men and women.

 Drizzle perfume


We don’t want men feeling left out, which is why we have created some high-quality perfumes for men as well. The dapper oriental, and fougere perfume adds a modest kick to an otherwise blooming bouquet of delicate blooms, ideal for wearing during springtime adventures with the top notes of grapefruit, cardamom, and mandarin green apple with and heart notes of pepper, coriander, sage, and geranium. Thanks to woodynote and amber as base notes, the scent has an instant energetic burst to it.

 Dapper perfume


The name itself is quite self-explanatory. With the woody and spicy fragrance of cinnamon, mandarin, apple, and sage aroma, this perfume would definitely help you charm others around you. With lavender, rose morocco, and patchouli as heart notes, and olive lead tree and sandal as base notes, this fragrance will definitely become your next signature scent.

Charmer perfume

Find your signature fragrance at Stylo

Keeping uniqueness in mind, Stylo aims to produce fragrances unlike any else. Whether you are looking for a dark and dusky fragrance or a fruity one, you can find the scent of your choice at Stylo. Featuring stunning perfume bottles made from high-quality materials and scents that don’t fail to amaze, Stylo men and women perfumes are memorable, exhilarating, and perfect to be worn for all occasions, be it a celebration or a casual day out with friends.