What’s your new year’s resolution? Do you wanna know ours? It’s “keeping up with the bag trends of ‘23 and carrying our essentials in style”. But what are those trends you asked? Well, let us help you list them down.

Just like our annual resolutions, the ladies bags trends of 22-23 are also repetitive versions of the previous ones but with some stylish twists. This combination of already-worn and adored designs and the unmissable hints of something never-seen-before innovative shapes is something we’re looking forward to more than New Year’s Eve.

Tracking the trends

The fashion world is an always-changing place where the trends change with the demand. This year has been an experimental year when it comes to fashion trends and this experimentation is likely to make its way into ‘23 as well.

Bags, fortunately for us, have a lot of room for innovation and creative experimentation. And fashion gurus have been playing with these shapes, designs, sizes, and colors, since before it was “trendy and cool”.

Let’s discuss what innovation and experiments we will be carrying around next year.

Small is the new big:

Minimalism is the new law of fashion. And as good Samaritans, we like to abide by the rules. These teeny tiny bags are taking over the streets, parties, and even workplaces. Whether it’s the cuteness of their size, convenience to handle, or fashion statement, these small bags are loved and worn already. It is not wrong to predict that you will be seeing a lot of these tiny fellows hanging around almost everywhere you go.

Pair them up with formals or take them to a party with you, these bags have got you and your essentials covered.

ladies bag

The Buckets:

A day out with girlfriends, or a picnic party with the little ones, tag a top-handle bucket bag wherever you are planning to go. Its different vibe and ample space will allow you to enjoy your style and the day.


Micro bags, though started at runways, are now taking over street style. Their itsy-bitsy shapes don’t only give the “aww” reactions but these bags are also spacious enough to carry your few essentials.

Mini-modern shapes:

Small bags, asymmetrical shapes? Why not! Clutch purses are peculiar to look at and empowering to carry. Next time while getting ready for a fancy party, keep these mini-modern-shaped bags with you. You are welcome.

Ladies bags 

The boxier the better:                                                   

If you are looking for style and structure together in one bag, boxy bags are the ones to go for. These bags, aka back-to-work bags, take care of styling a formal dress. Structured bags for women don’t only have the space but also their compact style completes your OOTD with the least amount of effort put.

Leather boxy and structured bags give a luxury vibe that you would want to take to your workplace. This bag will surely be enough to carry all your essentials and received compliments.

Pair them up with any formal dress code, be it boss-lady blazers or easy-going tucked-in formal shirts, boxy bags will add more class to any of your outfits.

Top Handles:

Although bags with long strings have their perks, top handle bags give a special sense of style. They are compact, easy to carry and give your style a finishing look. One of the various perks of these bags is that you can pair them with any outfit, formal or casual. Top-handle bags go perfectly with any style you want to wear for the day.

ladies handbag

The Envelops:

A well-structured top-handle bag with hints of fancy hardware peeping out is what you need, right now. These bags add polished and professional style to your outfit.

The Buckets:

A day out with girlfriends, or a picnic party with the little ones, tag a top-handle bucket bag wherever you are planning to go. Its different vibe and ample space will allow you to enjoy your style and the day.

The Scrunchies:

Scrunchies are a very interesting combination of nostalgia and innovation. These bags take the fodder-like design and mix it with runway innovation to give us an LA street fashion vibe. 


Although small bags are perfect style partners for your formal outfits, some special designs have the potential to go easily with the casual-wear as well. Like teensy crossbody bags are a treat for people who can’t drag a big bag with them.


Bags are an essential fashion accessory. Whether you carry them just to keep your essentials or as a style statement, this multi-purpose accessory is gonna do it for you. Now that we listed down all the possible ’23 bag trends for you, it is the right time to tell you where to get them. Stylo Shoes’ latest ladies handbag collection has all the trendy bags for you. Their versatile collection has various designs, shapes, colors, and textures for you to choose from. Don’t wait and get your trendy bag now!