Considering how comfortable flat chappals for women are and how elegant they look, no one would blame you for having a closet full of them. Even though high-heels work great for festive functions and nights out with your friends, there are just some looks that look better and more put-together with a classic pair of flats - for instance, flats paired with ethnic outfits.

However, when it comes to buying flats for yourself, the choice can get confusing since there are so many different types of flat shoes out there, available in a variety of eye-catching designs and breathtaking colors.

From elegant khussas to embellished flats, there’s an endless choice to choose from. Today, we are going to be talking about 6 different types of flats that look absolutely stunning when paired with ethnic wear. Read down below to find out more.


No footwear wardrobe is complete without a pair of khussas. From classic plain khussas to khussas featuring tilla work, there’s such a huge variety of different colors and styles of ladies khussas present in the Punjabi culture. The main reason behind the fame of khussa shoes is the royal touch that they add to an attire.

Khussa shoes provide a flawless finish to any festive or ethnic outfit. Moreover, khussa shoes can be worn with both formal and casual attires. Hence, whether it's a wedding you’ve got to attend or a casual family dinner, you simply can’t go wrong with a khussa paired with an ethnic outfit.

ladies khussa


Nothing can replace the classic essence of Kohlapuri in the world of ethnic footwear. These traditional footwear pieces come in a variety of colors and designs. Not only do they look delicate when worn, but are also very stylish. The touch of sophistication that Kohlapuri’s shoes provide to any ethnic attire is what makes them stand out from the rest of the footwear styles. Also, the best part of owning Kolhapuri chappals is that these never go out of style. Moreover, the traditional look of Kolhapuri makes them look great paired with ethnic outfits, especially in contrasting color.

Stone Embellished Flats

Feeling overdressed? No need to stress! Just slip on a pair of stone embellished flat chappals to give your outfit a trendy yet minimalist look. The best thing about stone embellished flats is that they are very easy to pair and comfortable. Moreover, there is a huge variety to choose from, with different types of embellishments including sequins, cut-daana, pearls, zaree work, and much more. Also, since stone embellished flats are versatile, these can be worn with any type of formal or casual outfit.

flat chappals

Beaded Flats

Beaded flats are a fail-safe mainstay in most of our shoe closets. These colorful and vibrant footwear pieces pair up seamlessly with any traditional outfit, which makes them a popular choice for ethnic attires as well. Along with looking beautiful in your feet, beaded flats are also super comfortable to wear. Moreover, beaded flats are loved because of the pop of color that they provide to outfits since these usually incorporate a lot of colors and embellishments.

Metallic flats

Metallic flats are another popular choice among flat footwear that looks amazing with ethnic outfits. With the most popular metallic flat options being golden and silver metallic flats, you can also find striking metallic flats in several other colors. Moreover, metallic flats are well-known for their versatility, so whether you are wearing formal, basic, or designer ethnic wear, a pair of matching metallic flats can definitely add an oomph factor to your whole attire.

metallic flats


Peshawari chappals have a style of their own. Traditional, yet classy, peshawari chappals exemplify elegance, style, and confidence. Though Peshawari style chappals are years old, they still have not lost their charm, and in fact made their way to the world of women's fashion as well. Moreover, Peshawari chappals are usually worn with formal attire. Moreover, these chappals are available in different colors and designs, and they look absolutely amazing paired with an ethnic outfit.

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